Table mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

“Change of plans.  We’re going up Table Mountain now,” our driver told us.

“Now?”  We had literally just entered Cape Town and were to check into our hotel after a long tiring drive from Knysna.

“There are no clouds on top of the mountain today.  The weather probably won’t be this good again.”

It turns out that although Cape Town has a fantastic climate, Table Mountain can be a bit finicky and is often ensconced in thick, heavy clouds.  If there are no clouds on Table Mountain one day, that is your cue to ascend it immediately! Just like the Eiffel tower visit.

I’m glad we didn’t hesitate.

How to head to the top? Use the cable car which has a very beautiful view as it glides up to the top. The cable car also has large windows and it rotates 360 degrees to make sure everyone gets that view. You can even hike up but that can be really challenging. And is also considered a more dangerous hike than Mount Everest. So be careful! The cable car tickets are around USD 25 round trip for adults and a half for children. You’ll pay slightly lesser if you were to purchase tickets online.






You can even paraglide from the top provided the weather permits. For obvious reasons, table mountain makes for a very busy tourist spot. From the top, you are greeted with the BEST view of the city. Try to head to the mountain closer to sunset. You will witness one of the most beautiful sunsets from here.







Since this was the first spot I was visiting in Cape Town, looking over it, I had a feeling I was really going to like this city. 

From the point we got to the top, we had time to wander on our own, take pictures and just enjoy nature – I love every time I can do this with such a view!  The plateau of Table Mountain is immense, flat, and very easy to get around.  I got by in flip-flops, though I’d recommend better shoes than that.  My favorite part was just exploring the different areas — because, from every angle, the views are wildly different, each one more sensational than the last. Interestingly, the Cape Town region is home to a completely unique ecosystem.  You see many florae in this region that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.



We spent about 2 hours on top of the mountain, but I would have gladly stayed for longer.

Recommendations – Wear good hiking sneakers, pack a lunch, and make an afternoon of it!  Or just carry a snack and enjoy it with a beautiful sunset. Purchase tickets online, you will pay lesser and also save time at the bottom. Evening rides can get really busy, so make sure you get to the bottom early enough. The last ride down is around 6:30 PM. You don’t want to miss that one 🙂

Here is a cool vid we put together on the ride up and down



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