Countries you must long vacation in!

Moving around and traveling gives you a different perspective on life and a new outlook towards things. I think its extremely therapeutic. Everyone needs a change or a long vacation. Moving or living in a new city/country for a bit can help meet different people, learn new cultures, inspire you to think out of the box and help search for happiness in your own terms. I have often tried this alone. And I have returned a changed person.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine – its lethal”

  • Croatia

    This is an ultimate destination for music and beach lovers. Croatia will teach you another level of sunbathing – a world away from home

  • Philippines

    You will meet some of the friendliest people here. The hospitality here is incomparable to any other country in the world. A destination with beautiful beaches. Will make you feel like you are dreaming

  • Bali

    You can be your most authentic self here. Because honestly, no one is going to care how much you earn or what car you drive here. Extremely good food fusion spot with a massage under $10 and wonderful coworking spots – Bali is perfect if you have a job that allows you to work remotely. TIme to be productive in a new country, ya’ll.

  • Instanbul

    Wouldnt it be wonderful to gaze at Asia and Europe at the same time? Enjoy the view from a rooftop while enjoying Turkish coffee and have fate readers tell you more about what’s coming up – sounds like a perfect evening, eh? People here love to drink, dine and chat with strangers for hours. You won’t find yourself alone in Istanbul. Oh, and they have wonderful fashion sense and makes for a great shopping destination

  • Iceland

    It is no news that Iceland has the lowest crime rate. It would be amazing to spend time in a country where you see only love and peace around. It sounds like a dream. Northern lights, extremely picturesque sights, green lands, thermal pools which by the way most communities out there have, Iceland is great if you like the adventure

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam is a very affordable country. A month-long gym membership would cost you around $25. 70% of Vietnam’s population is under 30, making it a thriving community of fresh and new ideas. Vietnam has a huge cafe culture. You can sit in garden cafes all day, using the wifi, drinking, and socializing. The atmosphere is relaxed with chill vibes all around

  • Argentina

    If you’re a party person this is an ideal place for you. Argentines celebrate everything to the extreme. For example – the first day of spring, a goodbye party, a welcome back from the vacation party etc. It is a paradise for all wine lovers. Wine is such an important aspect of the Argentinean lifestyle that in 2010, the government declared it as the country’s national liquor.

Hope you are as excited as I am after reading this post. Time to explore new countries. So get going!





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  1. Nehalad says:

    Very interesting post…. Love your list! Adding a few to my bucket list of 2018 😀 Thank you !

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