How to maintain your hair with workouts

Recently, a few friends asked me about how to maintain and manage hair before and after working out. Of course, it’s a pain to wash them every time you hit the gym. Plus, it is not even good for your hair. I have 4 simple tips to avoid washing them EVERYDAY and maintain good hair even after a strenuous workout. 

  1. Cardio and wash –

    It is best to wash your hair every alternate day or maybe once in 3 days. So sync your cardio day with the hair wash day. Since cardio is when you would sweat the most. Washing your hair that day would make it easier for you

  2. Dry Shampoo –

    Use dry shampoo before your workout. A “dry shampoo” is really just an oil-absorbing powder that, when applied to hair, can soak up excess grease and dirt without necessitating getting the hair wet. Dry shampoo has become a superhero for saving dirty strands, but it shouldn’t be used on wet hair. It’s specifically made for use on dry strands, so spraying it on sweaty hair won’t help much. Instead, mist the product throughout your roots before you hit the gym

  3.  Braids and Buns –

    Whether your hair is long or short, keeping pieces from falling out while doing those high-intensity moves is easier said than done. If you’re running or doing a lot of cardio, you need more than just a top knot to keep your hair in place. Braiding those locks before twisting them into a bun will help the bun be more stable

  4. Headband to the rescue –

    Pulling your hair into your go-to hairstyle and adding a cloth headband (for comfort’s sake) is also a great way to pull your hair back. Plus, it’s super quick and easy so you can spend less time worrying about your hair and more time getting your fitness on

Happy workout! As always, shoutout for questions 🙂




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